Snacks Bonaire

All the Snacks on Bonaire at a glance


Snacks in the neighbourhoods

The 64 snacks on Bonaire are distributed to the neighbourhoods as follows:

Antriol: 26 snacks

Nikiboko: 12 snacks

Noord Saliña: 3 snacks

Playa (Kralendijk centre): 11 snacks

Tera Kora: 2 snacks

Rincon: 10 snacks


The star in the flag of Bonaire has six points, which represent the six original residential areas. Due to the growth in the number of inhabitants and expansion of the buildings, five of them grew into the capital Kralendijk. Only Rincon in the northern half of the island has remained a separate village.

It is striking that no snacks have been established in the new neighborhoods that have been added over the years (Republic, Santa Barbara, Sabadeco and Belnem).