Snacks Bonaire

All the Snacks on Bonaire at a glance


'Almost' Snacks

A number of snacks on the island are very close to being a typical Bonairian snack, but they are not considered a snack if they do not conform to the following guidelines: 

1) there must be food ready to be consumed

2) the emphasis should be on consuming alcohol

3) maximum 5 tables to eat

4) beer price is affordable (under $2)

5) the temperature of the beer is at the freezing point

6) open at least 5 days a week

7) and open at least 6 hours a day

The following places exude the atmosphere and have the appearance of a snack, but they fall short because they do not meet one or more of the above guidelines.


No (prepared) food

# Tera Kora: El Paraiso ('Sissy Bar')

# Rincon: Pomp Stashon Rincon


Emphasis on food

# Antriol: Mati's Place

# Nikiboko: Apeldam Grill

# Nikiboko: Maiky Snack

# Playa: Julius Place


More than 5 tables

# Hato: Zhung Kong

# Nikiboko: Dai Hung Restaurant

# Playa: New Wei Taai Bar-Restaurant

Open less than 5 days a week

# Antriol: Plaza C.D. Kroon

# Playa: Mofongo Bar-Restaurant

# Tera Kora: Sha-Sha Bar